Monday, 7 November 2011

They won't be back....

Friends, Robots, undead killing machines, I have sad news. I have sold off my entire 18,000 point Necron army on the dawn of their new Codex being relesed, much to the horror of my friends. Having seen the awesome new Codex I've gotta say I really don't regret it. I've been playing only Necrons for so long, and I just got really bored of them. I wanted an army I could breathe much more life into, and give some real character to. In it's place I've started a Soviet themed Imperial Guard army, something I've always wanted to do.

I'm going to keep this blog open and start updating with more varied Miniature Wargames posts, and will put up pictures of my new Imperial Guard army as soon as I replace my broken camera. I've also been busy with a bunch of new scenery projects so I'll start posting updates of those too, and maybe some free foamcore templates....

My new Imperial Guard army is heavy on infantry and artillery at the moment, with a Soviet theme as I mentioned before. I hope to expand it out with an Airborne/Paratrooper group, an Armoured group and a larger Infantry group so I can mix and match depending on how I fancy playing.

Do not mourn my army's passing my metal clad friends, for they have gone to a good home. The vast majority of the army (including most of my Super-heavy scratchbuilds and Monoliths) went to a friend of mine so I will no doubt now be on the recieving end of green Gauss Flayer doom. The other bits shipped off to various people in various countries, so my army is officially global :-) The number is legion, their name is death.

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